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Notable cars that OctaneNation has spotted at the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions.

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    Scat 9-104000 | Engine Crankshaft

    400 2-PC REAR SEAL , 3.750" stroke, 5.700" rod length (not stock rod length), 2.100" rod pin, external balance.

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    Scat 3-ICR5700P | Engine Connecting Rod

    CHEVY SMALL BLOCK I-BEAM RODS with ARP 8740 3/8" WAVE-LOC BOLTS Pressed pin, Rod Length: 5.700", Crank Pin: 2.100", Wrist Pin: .927", Big end diam...

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    Edelbrock | Engine Intake Manifold

    Victor Jr. intake manifolds from Edelbrock are low-profile, single-plane and can be used for on the track (drag, oval, road racing) and also on the...

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    General Motors THM400 | Auto Trans Assembly

    Also known as the Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission.

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    Hooker 2214-1HKR | Exhaust Header

    Tuned-length primary tubes for maximum exhaust scavenging and velocity Mandrel-bent tubing for smooth exhaust flow Light weight & sturdy 18 gauge...

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    Quick-Fuel-Technology HR-750 | Carburetor

    The Hot Rod Series is our line of carburetors that are designed for the street enthusiast. Made from light-weight aluminum castings and packed full...

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    Dart | Engine Cylinder Head

    Overview The redesigned chamber features improved fuel distribution , spark plugs are located high and as close to the center of the chamber as po...

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    Procharger F-1A | Supercharger

    F-1A supercharger. 9" volute diameter. Capable of producing 1100 BHP. 1575 CFM max flow, 38 psi max. 74k RPM max. Reverse rotation available and ha...