Mike M.'s '04 WRX STi - SCCA Solo/Time Trial racecar build

2004 Subaru Impreza


I bought this car in the fall of 2008, after some experience with a 444-whp 1970 Corvette Stingray, and a stage-2 protuned 2007 STi. Over recent years the car has undergone multiple evolutions, initially a street performer, then a purpose-built autocross car, and now a dedicated track & time trial car for my formal motorsports team, called APEX Racing. APEX Racing's purpose is to field a competitive racecar for SCCA and NASA racing, and we specialize in aftermarket performance solutions for Subaru. In 2010, the car was sent to one of the best Subaru tuning shops in the country, EFI Logics in Connecticut. EFI Logics prepared a race-ready engine with forged internals, upgraded camshafts, and a reinforced valvetrain, capable of holding over 500 horsepower. Chris Schoen-Kiewert of EFI Logics tuned the engine conservatively, making over 400 horsepower on E85 flexfuel. This car has had the honor of a two-page feature in the May 2010 issue of Modified Magazine, along with two small features in Drive Performance magazine (before the car went to EFI Logics, and right after EFI Logics finished). Just about every part on this car is available through APEX Racing. With this car, APEX has solid racing experience and firsthand knowledge of the parts we sell, so don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need something or have any questions! Car Sponsors Include: Octane Nation - www.octanenation.com GrimmSpeed - www.grimmspeed.com APR Performance - www.aprperformance.com Enkei International - www.enkei.com Kupper Subaru - www.kupper-subaru.com High Plains Powder Coating - 701-223-8480 Signs & Wonders, Inc. - 701-222-3848 Al's Barber Shop - 701-223-1050


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