Greddy 11520096 | Turbocharger Kit

Tuner Turbo Kit TD06-20G (IC) Turbocharger Kit


Car Make: Nissan Car Model: 370Z Car Year: 2009- Notes: (Z34) VQ37HR twin TD06SH-20G8cm2 turbos Type 29 Intercooler cast manifolds, racing downpipes, external wastegates, w/g dump pipes, cast oil pan, airinix intake Easily add an extra +175HP! to a 370Z with the GReddy Intercooled-Twin Turbo TD06SH-20G Tuner Turbo Kit (535hp!) 370Z Tuner Turbo Kits come standard with high quality components: ♦ Twin TD06SH-20G turbocharger ♦ Heavy duty cast turbo manifolds ♦ Type T external wastegates ♦ Airinx intake system ♦ X-large Type-29 R-Spec intercooler ♦ Smooth flowing aluminum piping ♦ A large capacity cast aluminum oil pan. Paired with the optional tuning kit utilizing e-Manage Ultimate, plug-n-play harness, fuel system upgrade, and true dual 70mm Turbo Ti-C exhaust system, it is a fearsome street machine harnessing (535hp) 452whp and 344lb-ft of torque. With additional engine work and tuning, this tuner kit has the potential of making 850 plus horsepower just as we were able to achieve on the GReddy Twin Turbo 350Z HR.


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