Whipple W245AX | Supercharger

W245AX 4.0L Supercharger


WHAT SEPERATES THE WHIPPLE FROM THE COMPETITION Positive displacement twin screw design has the highest efficiency of all superchargers including roots and centrifugal Higher efficiency means more power at all rpm levels Unique Whipple twin screw design provides the largest power gains across entire rpm range Latest screw compressor rotor profile designed today, offering superior flow vs. efficiency vs. physical dimensions Conformal rotor coating for increased performance Lowest tolerance level of all aftermarket positive displacement superchargers, offering the highest quality Low tolerance levels increase performance across entire rpm operating range Double angular front bearings for superior strength and durability Rear roller bearing, with double seal for superior durability Precision cut helical gears for precise rotor clearances, for superior performance and low noise levels Rear bearing out design for increased clearance for packaging restraints Serviceable and upgradable design for superior longevity Similar screw compressor design as the Ford GT supercar Similar screw compressor technology that Mercedes has utilized on all their latest vehicles including the 600hp McLaren SLR, E55AMG, S55, CL55, SLK32 and SL55 Dyno proven to produce more horsepower and torque than any other supercharger throughout the entire rpm range Industry leading near-zero noise levels (db) 100,000 mile oil change intervals Marine approved rotor coating Unmistakable industry leading fit and finish True technological leader in supercharger industry


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