Pfadt Race Engineering 1450016 | Suspension Kit

Camaro Road Racing Kit - Stage 5


This package if for those who won't settle for anything but the best and most complete performance solution to your Camaro's suspension. Included in this Stage 5 Package is the following: Inverted Adjustable Coilovers Camber/Caster Plate Kit (2.5" Springs) Adjustable Racing Sway Bars Adjustable Endlinks Engine Mounts Rear Trailing Arms and Bushings Solid Rear Subframe Bushings Adjustable Rear Toe Link Assembly Complete Polyurethane Control Arm Bushing Kit In this stage 5 kit, you continue to improve the performance of the Camaro beyond that of the Stage 4 package by: Replacing every bushing available with the complete poly control arm kit, adding the adjustable toe links for the ultimate in reduced rear end movement and increased stability and response, strengthening the front end of the chassis and improving steering response with the strut brace, and installing the most effective race sway bar kit to hit the Camaro aftermarket. Just like in the Stage 4 package, you get all the rear end upgrades that result in stability and precise handling: Rear Trailing Arms, Inner and Outer Trailing Arm Bushings, and Solid Rear Subframe Bushings. This is in addition to the powertrain components that isolate movement and get your power to the ground: Engine Mounts and Poly Differential Mounts. This package is the winning combination to transform your Camaro into the agile, responsive and ruthless track machine you need it to be to win races. Nothing is compromised in the process, and all considerations are made for the benefit of performance. We know that customers often take a "weekend warrior" approach to their racing activities, and this package will be right at home with that concept, as you will drive it to and from the track, as necessary, with no regrets. This package sacrifices minimal ride noise and vibration, and is more than worth it for the added performance gains you get in the process. Step up to the best package in the Camaro aftermarket, that produces results in National Races, and auto-crosses.


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